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Alan Vaughn

Partner-in-Charge, Real Estate & Construction Executive Vice President

Who I work with

I use my tax and business background to add value to the real estate industry. I work with all types of real estate clients and focus my efforts on advising clients with tax advantaged transactions, while helping make connections with others.

My specialty

I advise clients on various 1031 exchanges, including reverse exchanges, partial exchanges and tenancy in common transactions. I've helped S-Corporations with F reorganizations to drop down assets into an LLC to allow admission of new members into LLC. I have advised clients in the structuring of LLC’s and creative exit planning strategies.

Unique things about me

I am results driven and passionate about helping my clients increase the value of their real estate transactions and holdings. Here are results I have helped Aprio clients achieve:

People say that I'm

I'm passionate about helping my clients succeed and I've been told that I'm creative, innovative, smart, and calm in both good times and challenging times.


"creative, innovative,
smart, and calm"

What I do when not at work

I'm a big fan of poker and love traveling with friends to different destinations to perfect my skills. I love my wonderful children, the eldest of which just graduated college and youngest pursuing a bachelor's degree. And I'm on the advisory board for the School of Accountancy of Auburn University.

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