Updated – Annual FAR Service Contracts Reporting (SCR) Due 12/15/15 – Includes GSA Schedule Holders

November 18, 2015

Update – Reporting has been extended and GSA has provided a video to show you how to do reporting.

One of the first videos posted in the playlist serves to give direction and help for those who are required to Create and Submitting a Service Contract Report (SCR).  This is the first system-specific video published to the playlist.

It is encouraged that users who may represent entities subject to Subpart 4.17-Service Contracts Inventory to watch this video to learn the steps needed to comply with the regulation.

According to FAR Subpart 4.1704, failure to comply with these requirements will be noted by the contracting officer as part of the contractor’s past performance report.   The SCR functionality in System for Award Management (SAM) will close for reporting on December 15, 2015.


posted October 12, 2015

FAR Service Contracts Reporting (SCR) Requirement applies to all service contracts that contain Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clauses 52.204-14 or 52.204-15 (as prescribed in FAR Subpart 4.17) – including GSA Schedule holders providing services. Per the FAR, Service Contracts Reporting must be completed through the System for Award Management (SAM) before October 31 annually.  The SCR functionality in SAM is scheduled to open on or around October 10, 2015. Reports will remain editable and contractors will be able to submit on any required actions until November 30, 2015. Note: Service contracts are not limited to Service Contract Act (SCA) covered contracts.

Who is Required to Report:

All federal contractors and first-tier subcontractor providing services, including GSA Schedule Holders. FAR Subpart 4.1703 establishes service contractor reporting requirements based on the following type of contract and dollar thresholds:

1) All cost-reimbursement, time-and-materials, and labor-hour service contracts and orders with an estimated total value above the simplified acquisition threshold ($150,000)

2) All fixed-price service contracts awarded and orders issued according to the following thresholds:

a) Awarded or issued in Fiscal Year 2014, with an estimated total value of $2.5 million or greater

b) Awarded or issued in Fiscal Year 2015, with an estimated total value of $1 million or greater

c) Awarded or issued in Fiscal Year 2016, and subsequent years, with an estimated total value of $500,000 or greater

3) Reporting is required for all first-tier subcontracts for services as prescribed in 1) and 2) above

What and Where to Report

Log in to www.sam.gov after October 10th, select “Register/Update Entity” and click the “Service Contract Report” link.  Contractors (and First-Tier subcontractors meeting same dollar thresholds) are required to enter and submit the following SCR data elements:

1) Contract number and, as applicable, order number

2) Total dollar amount invoiced for services on that contract in the previous government fiscal year (in dollars)

3) Total number of contractor direct labor hours (SAM will convert to FTE using a 2080 hour work year)

4) Data reported by first-tier subcontractors that have performed services on contractor’s contract (if applicable)

a) First-tier subcontract number (including DUNS and name, if applicable)

b) Number of first-tier subcontractor direct labor hours on services compensated under the contract during previous government fiscal year

If the service contractor does not see a “Service Contract Reporting (SCR)” link, then they either do not have reporting privileges (they are not an Entity Administrator, Entity Registration Representative or Reporter), or they do not have contracts subject to the SCR requirements.

Failure to Report

FAR Subpart 4.1704 outlines the penalties for non-compliance: “If the contractor fails to submit a report in a timely manner, the contracting officer shall exercise appropriate contractual remedies. In addition, the contracting officer shall make the contractor’s failure to comply with the reporting requirements a part of the contractor’s performance information.” (Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) and Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS)).

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