And the April and May VIP Awards Go To …

…Bruce Edwards (April) and Julie Chesebro (May)!

Bruce went above and beyond in his work for a PCI compliance client. The client had a very critical due date and a challenging set of circumstances related to their compliance. Throughout the engagement, which ran approximately eight months, Bruce held weekly and sometimes daily meetings with the client. Because of Bruce’s extra efforts, the client met their due date and was so pleased with the service, they will be expanding the work assigned to Aprio. Well done, Bruce!

Julie put in a lot of hard work preparing the Aprio Holdings tax return and getting drafts of K-1s to the partners before April 1. She completed this tremendous amount of work while also continuing to provide excellent service to our clients. Thank you, Julie!

So, how can you win a VIP Award?

By going Above & Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD). Each month, a VIP Award winner is chosen from the previous month’s ABCD Award winners, based on who had the greatest impact on the business. The winner receives the employee parking spot for an entire month.

Congratulations to the March and April ABCD Award winners: Melisa Beauchamp, Danielle Maurer, Graham Harwood, and Jessica Taylor!

Remember: Everyone can nominate anyone for an ABCD award. Just send a few sentences describing the great action or deed to Remember to always take time to thank others at the firm for their help and hard work!

Congratulations, Bruce and Julie!