Aprio Launches Professional-Grade Escrow Reconciliation Solution to Protect Title Agents’ Greatest Point of Fraud Vulnerability

October 5, 2017

Solution partners with RynohLive‘s industry-leading escrow account management and fraud detection platform

Aprio, LLP, the new name for HA+W, the nation’s premier accounting and advisory firm for the title industry, has launched a professional-grade escrow reconciliation solution that provides real-time monitoring of escrow accounts to protect title agents from their greatest point of fraud vulnerability.

In partnership with RynohLive’s industry-leading escrow account management and fraud detection platform, Aprio’s escrow reconciliation service offers an unparalleled level of data security, real-time transaction monitoring, fraud detection, audit readiness and professional independence.

For title agents, Aprio’s solution eliminates the burden of performing timely escrow reconciliation and enables them to better utilize resources for revenue-generating activities. For underwriters, the risk associated with their agents’ reconciliation and bookkeeping is minimized.

“As the leading accounting firm serving the title industry, our team has identified a need to provide the industry with a more robust solution for escrow reconciliation,” said Lee Fields, partner-in-charge of Advisory Services at Aprio. “Beyond ensuring reconciliation is performed timely and accurately, Aprio will provide clients with peace of mind that they are better protected from their single-greatest point of fraud vulnerability through continuous monitoring.”

“Independently, both Aprio and RynohLive have played integral roles in financial protection and compliance in the title industry,” said Dick Reass, CEO and founder of RynohLive. “Through this partnership, we firmly believe that our companies will set the standard for escrow account monitoring and fraud mitigation.”

Aprio’s escrow reconciliation services business will be led by Bryan Colbert, who joins the firm as a director within the Title Industry Services group. Bryan brings more than 17 years of escrow account auditing and reconciliation experience. During his career, Bryan has both run an independent escrow reconciliation company and held senior audit positions with major national title insurance underwriters.

For more information about Aprio’s professional-grade escrow reconciliation services, contact us.

About Aprio Title Industry Services

Aprio’s Title Industry Services group elevates the operational effectiveness of agents, underwriters, lenders and service providers across the title industry. The group pioneered ALTA Best Practices compliance testing and reporting and, as the industry leader, has continued to refine it. The depth of the team’s industry knowledge and business expertise allows them to offer a comprehensive range of products and services that go far beyond compliance and serve the industry with innovation available nowhere else. Whether in escrow reconciliation, compliance, business valuation, cybersecurity, enterprise risk management, mergers and acquisitions or tax planning, Aprio protects its title industry clients and strengthens their businesses, delivering peace of mind. To learn more about Aprio’s Title Industry Services, visit https://www.aprio.com/industry/title-industry/.

About RynohLive:

RynohLive’s patented software system provides absolute financial protection for the real estate settlement industry, and provides the financial transparency mandated by Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Since its national market introduction in 2007, RynohLive has protected over 5 million real estate transactions worth in excess of $1.25 trillion. Recognized as an Elite Provider by the American Land Title Association, RynohLive is universally acknowledged as the industry standard for the financial management and protection of settlement funds. RynohLive operates out of Virginia Beach, VA, and is provided by Segin Software, LLC. For more information about RynohLive, please call 877-467-9664, visit rynoh.com, or email [email protected].