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The Aprio Way: Fundamentals of Our Culture

Having a strong corporate culture fosters innovation and provides an unbeatable and sustainable competitive advantage. To strengthen the culture for our team of talented and passionate professionals, the leadership team worked with David Friedman, founder and CEO of High Performing Culture, LLC, to identify 30 behaviors that are key to our success moving forward. We call it “The Aprio Way.”

To introduce everyone to the concepts behind the Aprio Way and drive a deeper understanding of these fundamental behaviors, everyone will be attending a required three-hour training session on May 23, May 24, May 25 or June 1. Attending a session is required. If you haven’t already signed up for a session, please do so as soon as possible. Contact Learning and Development if you have any questions.

A strong, positive culture is the single most important factor in long-term success for any organization. Implementing these high-performance behaviors will be an enormous benefit for everyone at Aprio.