5 Critical Tasks Dentists Often Forget  

Various white puzzle pieces placed to make a tooth on a blue background

At a glance Don’t miss the details: Many dentists don’t know they need to prioritize certain business-specific tasks because they are so focused on providing patient care. Impact on your practice: If you overlook key items like sales tax compliance, payroll taxes or updating your employee handbook, you could subject your business to unnecessary risks.…

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It’s Official: Software Development Included in Tax Definition of R&D

Two sets of hands debating software coding on a desktop

At a glance The bad news: Changes to the tax code recently went into effect requiring all R&D costs to be capitalized and amortized, including software development. The good news: These changes provide more clarity regarding the eligibility to classify all internally-developed software as R&D costs, further strengthening the position to include certain software development…

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Part III: International investing is making a comeback as domestic markets continue to struggle.

Economic FAQs cover image (2)

Throughout history, domestic and international markets alternate outperforming each other by decade. Watch the final part of our Economic FAQs series as Aprio’s Chief Investment Officer, Simeon Wallis, and Senior Wealth Advisor, David Kutner, discuss the current state and future of global economies, including: Diversifying into international markets, specifically in areas where there is controversy,…

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Webinar: Cross-Border Tax Strategies for Outbound Investment: GILTI Considerations and Planning for Closely-Held Structures

International map with a man holding a tablet

The U.S. federal tax implications of investing outside the U.S. Understanding the U.S. federal taxation of foreign investment and planning in advance can help you avoid costly mistakes.In this session you will learn: What Global Intangible Low-Tax Income (GILTI) is and its relevance to outbound investment The differences between corporate and non-corporate taxpayer foreign investment…

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3 Key Succession Planning Steps for Affordable Housing Developers

Blue apartment complex bottom up view

At a glance Fill the gap: Many affordable housing developers don’t have succession plans that can ensure the continuity of the business after the owner has left. Appeal to investors: Affordable housing investors often pass on deals for companies that don’t have succession plans in place. Since succession plans often unfold over several years, development…

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The America COMPETES Act Could Supercharge Manufacturing

At a glance Main takeaway: The America COMPETES Act is set to transform the manufacturing industry and advance the United States (US) as an innovative global leader. Impact on your business: The comprehensive legislative will invest billions into US manufacturing from reinforcing supply chains so critical goods are produced domestically to boosting scientific research, cutting-edge…

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