4 Steps to Position Your Dental Associate for Success

Fake tooth with dental equipment on a blue background

At a glance Schedule a consultation with Aprio today The full story: You will reach many milestones in your journey as a dental practice owner. Though the milestones will differ based on your years of practice and the stage of your business, a common thread among all of them is the importance of proactive, strategic…

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To Sell or Not to Sell? Best Practices for Assessing a DSO Offer

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At a glance The main takeaway: Having an offer on the table from a dental service organization (DSO) can be exciting but it’s important to analyze every aspect of the deal, roles and responsibilities, and potential expectations before signing on the dotted line. Impact on your practice: Not only should the DSO’s offer meet your…

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Dentists: Is Your Practice’s Overhead Too High?

At a glance: Looking for more effective or creative ways to reduce overhead and boost profits? Aprio’s National Dental Practice can help. The full story It’s no exaggeration to say that overhead can make or break a general dentist practice. By definition, your overhead determines your profitability, and your profitability determines your practice’s ability to survive.…

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