4 HR Trends to Watch in 2023

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At a glance Schedule a consultation with Aprio today The full story: After a tumultuous few years grappling with the onset and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, human resources (HR) professionals and their teams have faced a significant amount of disruption. But as we look ahead to the new year, that disruption has also created…

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How to Build a Strong Business Case for HR Technology Investments

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At a glance The main takeaway: Many HR teams face challenges with obtaining buy-in from executive leadership for key technology enhancements. Impact on your business: To successfully gain support for technology investments, it’s essential to build a strong, cost-transparent business case supported by both quantitative and qualitative data. Next steps: Aprio helps provide organizations with…

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HR Teams: 5 Remote Recruiting Improvements to Make

Man wearing glasses on the phone in his home office

At a glance The main takeaway: Your remote recruiting process should look different than your process for recruiting local talent, and should be tailored to the needs, strengths, skill sets and communication preferences of your candidates. Impact on your business: A few tactics you can use to brush up your remote recruiting process include re-evaluating…

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How Well Are You Supporting Your Remote Workers? Ask These Questions

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At a glance The main takeaway: Though remote work programs have become the new normal post-pandemic, it’s easy for employees that work outside of the office to feel disengaged due to various reasons. Impact on your business: Purposeful communication, virtual professional development, setting clear expectations and appropriate technology usage all play a role in ensuring…

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How To Prevent Burnout: 4 Creative Employee Benefits to Beat Burnout

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At a glance Schedule a consultation with Aprio today The full story: Many workplaces are finally entering a period of normalcy, but the effects of the pandemic and other stressful events of the past two-and-a-half years are taking their toll on employees. Workplace burnout is a highly unpleasant mental and physical condition that can occur…

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3 Employee Handbook Updates to Make Today

blue notebook on a wooden table reading employee handbook

At a glance Amend outdated policies and procedures: The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed many aspects of the working world from both a cultural and regulatory perspective, which means your employee handbook could be out of date. Why it matters: By refreshing pivotal sections of your handbook, you decrease regulatory and employment compliance risks and also…

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Webinar: Strategies to Navigate the New World of Work

Learn how you can position your business for success The pandemic has forever changed the world of work. Remote work environments have triggered new employer requirements and risks when you hire, onboard and manage your employees, leaving teams to set new policies, handle conflict resolution and navigate new HR matters without a roadmap. How to…

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Top Tools to Mitigate Hiring Risks in Your Business

Schedule a meeting with Aprio People Advisory Services for help with conducting thorough background checks. The full story: There are many tools and strategies businesses use to reduce hiring risks within their organization. But perhaps the most important methodology at an HR team’s disposal is what we at Aprio like to call “PUREs,” or “previously…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll

Schedule a meeting with Aprio People Advisory Services to learn more about outsourced payroll. The full story: Are you spending way too much time on payroll? Do you lose sleep worrying about potential mistakes or slip-ups that could negatively affect your employees? Count yourself among many time-pressed business owners who struggle with payroll. But you…

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