Q4 2022 in Review – Dental Economic Update

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As we kick-start 2023, it is important to reflect on historical economic performance and trends that have shaped the current marketplace. Watch this video for an informative recap of the fourth quarter of 2022 and the critical factors that will affect your dental practice’s financial success in the new year.

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Dental – Q3 Economic Update Video

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From the US midterm elections to inflation uncertainty, several factors are poised to shape our economy headed into next quarter and 2023. Watch this video to learn the key economic considerations dental practice owners should keep in mind to steer their businesses through the next phase with confidence.

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Q2 2022 | Dental Economic Update Video

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In this video, Trent Watrous, Partner with Aprio’s Dental Practice Services, sits down with Caroline Galbraith, Director of Aprio Wealth Management and Simeon Wallis, Aprio’s Chief Investment Officer to go over the current market and what business owners like you can be to maximize your business opportunities. Please schedule a consultation with one of our…

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5 Critical Tasks Dentists Often Forget  

At a glance Don’t miss the details: Many dentists don’t know they need to prioritize certain business-specific tasks because they are so focused on providing patient care. Impact on your practice: If you overlook key items like sales tax compliance, payroll taxes or updating your employee handbook, you could subject your business to unnecessary risks.…

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Smart Cash Flow Tips to Pay Yourself and Your Practice

In this video, you’ll learn: How to avoid having a “one-size-fits-all” financial plan and strategy Ideas for utilizing excess cash liquidity in your personal financial plan and practice Contact Aprio’s National Dental Team to learn more. “One size doesn’t fit all.” When it comes to your personal finances and dental practice, the decisions that worked…

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How to Beat Inflation and Save More Money

In this video, you’ll learn: How inflation is affecting your personal finances Tools you can use to better manage your personal finances and save more money How to reinvest extra dollars back into your practice You visit the grocery store and see that a gallon of milk has increased in price from $4 to $4.75.…

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The Top Benefits of Getting a Practice Valuation

Watch this three-minute video to learn the top four ways a valuation can be beneficial to your practice, and how you can obtain a valuation that illuminates opportunities to achieve your goals — from a future sale to a transition in ownership. The buzz around practice valuations has hit an all-time high — and after…

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Is a Cost Segregation Study Right for Your Practice?

Watch this short, two-minute video to learn: How cost segregation studies work in practice, through the lens of a relatable, real-world example Why a cost segregation study is a smart investment and tax planning tool for your dental practice in the here and now Discover how a cost segregation study can benefit your dental practice…

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Transform Your Practice with Technology

When you think about investing in your dental practice, your mind may gravitate to aesthetic enhancements — new exam chairs, sleeker office furniture or updated signage. But what about technology? Your patients are always looking for new tools to simplify their lives, from devices like Amazon’s Alexa to the latest smartphone model. And that means…

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