Report Writing Using Cognos or Impromptu

January 9, 2014

Regardless of which financial system your organization uses, getting relevant actionable data out of your system quickly is top priority. While most on board reporting capabilities of your financial system can be regarded as adequate or sustainable, third party reporting tools such as Cognos or Impromptu offer many benefits.

Standard or “canned” reports, packaged with your financial system as mentioned above, are generally adequate; however, most of us are looking for greater flexibility and ease of delivery when it comes to critical financial information.  Canned reports are often built as a “one size fits all” solution which often compromises the flexibility your organization desires.  Ask yourself… Do your canned reports have key performance indicators that are important to you or unique to your business?  Do you have immediate visibility when KPI thresholds have been exceeded?  If you are in receipt of this information, is it provided timely and efficiently?

In addition to your organization’s KPI monitoring, here are some other ideas how you can use Cognos or Impromptu to drive efficiency and automation in 2014:

  • Data visualization
  • Customized project matrix reporting
  • Financial institution positive pay submissions
  • Census reporting to 401(k) providers
  • Interface your financial system with payroll service providers
  • Bank covenant compliance reporting
  • Eliminate manual-based Excel spreadsheets derived from data in your financial system

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