CEO Tools Webinar Series Session 1: People – Achieving Peak Performance from a Winning Team

September 23, 2020


Watch one of America’s most sought after CEO Coaches, Jim Canfield for a 3-part series of talks, each one a power hour of leadership inspiration.

Watch Session 2: Planning – How to Create Alignment and Increase Engagement to Win

Register for Session 3: Profits – If You Don’t Measure it, How will You Manage it?

In session one Jim discusses how we can avoid common leadership pitfalls and turn adversity into opportunity. Simply put, how do we get and keep our team members aligned and engaged? Jim will focus on inspiring talent and creating a winning environment for people in your organization.

Aprio’s Jim Canfield is the author of CEO Tools 2.0 and leader of our offering. He is an award-winning, internationally recognized speaker who has coached hundreds of CEOs and their teams.