A Special Thank You Offer for Attending Our Presentation

For a limited time we are offering attendees a one-on-one consultation with an Aprio Cybersecurity Advisor to discuss your current security program and how you can improve security to control your risks.


Jeff Kramer at Aprio

Jeff Kramer

Executive Vice President, Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Special offer: A 30-minute cybersecurity consultation

Let’s talk about your business, how technology supports your organization and your current security program. An experienced Aprio Cybersecurity Advisor will provide actionable insights and recommendations on how you can advance your cybersecurity program.

  • Learn how your current cybersecurity program compares to your industry peers
  • Gain helpful recommendations to improve your current security program
  • Get special pricing on 24x7 extended detection and response security monitoring

Focus on the 3 primary threats to improve security

Criminal organizations and nation states continue to threaten our organizations leveraging the same technology, we are using to improve our companies. Effective security starts with continuous review of existing security controls and focusing your defenses on the top three threats:

Phishing Attacks

80% of cyberattacks begin with this email-based tactic. There are two primary controls to manage this threat.

  • Advanced email protection that reviews all inbound emails to filter out the malicious communications.
  • Ongoing security awareness and training to help your workforce identify hackers that are attempting to manipulate their behaviors.


Like phishing, over 80% of attacks include the use of malware being loaded and executed on company systems. Protection against malware requires:

  • Active patching program to keep software current
  • Ongoing vulnerability testing to identify gaps in patching
  • Deploying next generation anti-virus software


Over 40% of attacks involve hacking. Protection against this sophisticated tactic are best achieved through specialized skills and technology supported by partnering with a trusted security partner.

How Aprio sees threats earlier

Aprio delivers 24x7 Extended Detection and Response Security Monitoring services for as low as $138 per workstation/server, plus onboarding costs. Here’ how Aprio sees threats earlier:

  • We continuously collect data across systems and end points
  • Our systems use Advanced Machine Learning powered by Counter Threat Intelligence
  • Aprio provides 24/7 analysis and response to Alert Detections
Counter Threat Intelligence

Aprio is here to help you protect your business