Dental Practice Transitions

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Success in buying and selling a dental practice requires careful examination of market conditions, practice profitability dynamics, personal wealth management and planning to achieve transition readiness.

Aprio’s Dental Practice Transition team works closely with you to determine you level of readiness and create your transition success roadmap.



M. Schafer, Esq

Director of Practice Transitions

Maximizing practice transition outcomes

Aprio provides the proven processes and expertise required to maximize your dental transition. Justin Schafer, Director of Aprio Dental Transition Services has advised clients in over 1,000 dental transitions and facilitated $500 million in dental practice financing. Our integrated team of dental business advisors and CPAs, have been helping dental practices achieve profitable growth since 1961.

What matters to dentists, matters to us.

Maximize Revenue &
Reduce Your Hours

Financial Freedom

Create Team &
Patient Continuity

Plan for success – connect with Aprio

Ready to start plotting the growth events and financial goals that will prepare you for a successful purchase or exit strategy? Leverage our experienced dental CPAs, comprehensive services, and dental industry connections to successfully navigate your transition.

Practice owners

Leverage Aprio’s dental industry expertise to maximize profitability, increase practice value and connect with dental industry lenders and professionals across the nation.

Advancing Associates

Establish the financial plan, strategic insights, dental specific lenders, and resources you need to identify opportunities across the nation.

Your transition doesn’t have to mean exit

Practice transition can represent far more than a retirement strategy. A smart growth and transition plan can allow you to add an associate to help grow your practice and accelerate profitability now, enabling you to realize increasing practice value over the course of many years.

Building lasting value for all

Aprio’s collaborative approach focuses building long-term value for both founder(s) and additional physicians. Our goal is to create win-win financial scenarios and working agreements for you and your growth partners.

Looking for a better dental accounting experience?

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