GSA is Making It Easier with the IT70 Startup Springboard Initiative

April 12, 2016

GSA is making changes to its IT70 GSA schedule guidelines that ease requirements regarding corporate experience, relevant projects and submission of audited financial documentation for innovative startup companies who have been in business for less than two years. This initiative will eliminate the two-year corporate experience requirement and reduce barriers for emerging companies looking to obtain access to the $15B GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract market.

GSA will allow companies with less than two years of corporate experience to:

  1. Substitute project experience of key personal for relevant past performance.
  2. Submit alternative financial documentation other than the standard audited statements to prove financial responsibility.
  3. Substitute relevant professional experience of executives and key personnel for two years of corporate experience.

The Making It Easier initiative supports GSA’s strategy to improve the IT Schedule program by making new and emerging IT technologies available to ordering agencies faster by providing alternatives to the experience requirements for small and innovative contractors.

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