GSA Migrating All Sales Reporting to FAS Sales Reporting Portal

October 3, 2018

The General Services Administration (GSA) intends to migrate all Schedule contracts currently reporting sales in the 72A system over to the new FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP) by April 2019. The SRP was initially created as part of the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Pilot, so contractors participating in the pilot are already familiar with it. The Sales Reporting Portal can also be accessed through eOffer, the same site contractors utilize to submit offers and contract modifications.

GSA intends to transition all non-TDR contracts over to the Sales Reporting Portal to streamline the process and utilize a single resource for all GSA contract sales reporting. Any new contract award will automatically be entered into the FAS Sales Reporting Portal for sales reporting and IFF remittance. GSA assures contractors that the SRP will resemble the 72A system, making the transition fairly seamless.

The migration is especially noteworthy because you must use a digital certificate to access the SRP. Contractors may need to purchase additional certificates to ensure the proper resources are able to login to the SRP. In addition to obtaining a certificate, reporting resources also need to be added as an authorized negotiator to the contract. Remittance of the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) will also be processed directly from the SRP. Contractors will no longer be able to pay through a paper check.

Contractors should take action now to prepare for the coming migration. Individuals responsible for reporting GSA sales or remitting the IFF need to begin the process to obtain digital certificates and become an authorized negotiator. GSA has indicated that, while it is evaluating the requirement for digital certificates to access the SRP, it is currently mandatory. Contractors should be proactive to ensure no lapse in reporting as a result of the pending migration.

GSA is holding training on the FAS Sales Reporting Portal for contractors on October 10, 2018. This particular training will cover quarterly reporting using the form entry method. The focus is on reporting summary level data as is historically associated with the 72A system. As the migration is ongoing and will be applicable to all contractors, we highly recommend registering for the training.

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