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Gwendolyn Larkin

Vice President of Tax Operations at Aprio | Innovator | Efficiency and Operational Improvement Expert

Who I work with

I am Vice President of Aprio’s tax practice and lead a team of innovative thinkers who deliver solutions for a best-in-the-profession client experience. I listen generously to the experiences, thoughts and ideas of people throughout Aprio’s tax practice, as well as our industry peers and clients, to inspire cutting-edge strategies that will keep Aprio on the forefront of our profession. My job is to simplify compliance work so we have more time to be strategic advisors.

My specialty

From vision through execution and implementation, I drive operational excellence for the firm and constantly innovate to improve both the client and team member experience. I co-develop and drive the tax department’s strategic vision and initiatives across a range of functions, including Aprio mergers, technology and automation, innovation, administration, process optimization, operational financial reporting and forecasting, and team member matters.

Unique things about me

I am a classical pianist and really enjoy the arts.

When I am not at work

I am a world traveler. I love learning about and immersing myself in world cultures. Helping others is important to me, so I volunteer within Atlanta’s homeless community.

People say that I am

As a leader of operational excellence in our profession, it is crucial to be curious to discover new ways to push us ahead to be the best. Being relentless about improvement is a fundamental driver for me and Aprio’s operational team.


I am driven, results-focused, strategic, and innovative — I care about people.

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