And the July & August VIP Awards Go to…

August 9, 2017

…Tina Dorsey (July) and Vince Nguyen (August)!

Tina has been instrumental in transitioning the operational aspects of acquiring our Birmingham office. She wears numerous hats and juggles multiple responsibilities. As part of the integration process, she has had to perform various projects ranging from massive client data collection to the reconciliation of A/R, WIP, billings and collections. She stepped up to be the go-to person and has embodied our fundamental of “bringing it” every day. Thank you for all that you do, Tina!

We acquired the tax compliance work for a large multinational company for the 2016 tax year. In addition to the return’s general complexity, the return had over 50 international tax forms that needed to be completed. The Excel sheet provided by the client had almost 11,000 lines of data! Vince worked nights and weekends to find a solution to make this process simpler. Through his perseverance and IT knowledge, he developed an import template that allowed the data to be easily imported into GoSystem, saving significant time and eliminating the errors manual entry could have caused. This template can be used for other clients with large amounts of data going forward. Way to go, Vince!

So, how can you win a VIP Award?

By going Above & Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD). Each month, we choose a VIP Award winner from the previous month’s ABCD Award winners, based on who had the greatest impact on the business. The winner receives the employee parking spot for an entire month.

Congratulations to our other June and July ABCD Award winners: Tamara Crenshaw, Erika Echavarria, Mona Kirk, James Piatt, Jessica Taylor and Sonali Vaidya!

Remember: anyone can nominate anyone for an ABCD award. Just send a few sentences describing what they did to Don’t forget to take the time to thank others at the firm for their help and hard work!

Congratulations, Tina and Vince!

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