And the June 2017 VIP Award Goes To…

…Sylvia Grant!

Sylvia is always willing to do whatever is needed to ensure all work gets completed timely and accurately. She stepped up her game this past busy season, working Easter weekend and additional hours above the additional hours she was already working. Even though she had to continuously stop and start and handle numerous requests throughout each day, she did it all with a smile and positive demeanor. Thank you, Sylvia!

So, how can you win a VIP Award?

By going Above & Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD). Each month, we choose a VIP Award winner from the previous month’s ABCD Award winners, based on who had the greatest impact on the business. The winner receives the employee parking spot for an entire month.

Congratulations to our other May ABCD Award winners: Zach Webber and Stacey Kero!

Remember: anyone can nominate anyone for an ABCD award. Just send a few sentences describing what they did to Don’t forget to take the time to thank others at the firm for their help and hard work!

Congratulations, Sylvia!