NOW AVAILABLE: The 2018 Georgia Manufacturing Survey Report

2018 Georgia Manufacturing Survey

We surveyed over 450 Georgia manufacturers on industry trends and innovations – and after 25 years of conducting this survey, we are confident you don’t want to miss what this year’s data proves. Download this free 40 page report and discover the industry insights and relevant trends that will prepare your manufacturing business to thrive in 2019 and beyond.

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The 2018 Georgia Manufacturing Survey Report: Securing Georgia’s Manufacturing Future

The results of the 11th Georgia Manufacturing Survey indicate significant developments in 3 core areas. While Georgia has historically attracted manufacturing investments from around the world thanks to a large workforce, affordable real estate and a robust logistics infrastructure, it’s clear that times are changing.

As our world becomes more connected, complex and technologically-driven, are you confident that your manufacturing business is equipped for what the future of this industry holds?

What You’ll Learn Inside:

  • The #1 challenge Georgia manufacturers are facing (that could prevent your business from thriving in 2019) and how to overcome it
  • Uncover what Georgia’s leading manufacturers are doing to separate themselves from “the rest”
  • Understand the top 3 digital technologies advancing Georgia’s manufacturing industry
  • Find out if your business is leaving money on the table by not leveraging valuable tax credits