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December 2017

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Why You Should Invest in Older Employees in the Manufacturing Workforce

By Adam Beckerman, partner-in-charge of Manufacturing and Distribution

As a CEO, you need to support, nurture and train your aging workforce. This challenging effort is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Use BI Dashboards to Gauge - And Grow - Your Business

By Jim Canfield, managing director of CEO Tools

Business leaders today are dealing with an increasingly large amount of data coming ever faster as their businesses grow and market conditions change. That's where business intelligence tools come into play.


Food Manufacturing Cost Reduction: Fewer Bites Out of Your Bottom Line

By Adam Beckerman, partner-in-charge of Manufacturing and Distribution

Food manufacturers need to understand where to cut costs, reduce waste and improve efficiencies - all ways to save money they can then reinvest in their businesses.


About Aprio's Manufacturing and Distribution Group

Aprio serves the needs of over 350 manufacturers and distributors across the United States and around the world, helping them prepare for what's next. We understand the key issues manufacturers face, as well as best practices across the industry, and we apply that knowledge to help our clients thrive. Moving beyond traditional tax and assurance, we provide a comprehensive suite of strategic services. From process improvement and information risk management to transaction advisory services and outsourced payroll, we partner with clients to achieve success.

As an integral part of the manufacturing community, Aprio is actively involved in the Georgia Manufacturing Survey, and we founded the manufacturing business forum Next Generation Manufacturing. We leverage these deep industry relationships to provide clients with our best thinking and align them with the resources they need to grow.