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Crowdfunding for Non-Profits: Expand Your Digital Reach

With mobile devices and easy-to-use apps expanding how organizations and people raise awareness of their causes, many non-profits have come to rely less on traditional fundraising methods.


ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Understanding the Impact of New Accounting Standards and Tax Reform on Non-Profits

Check out Aprio's latest on-demand webinar on significant changes that will soon impact the non-profit industry. During the on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • How new accounting standards impact your financial statements
  • How tax reform is amplifying the need for non-profits to modernize operations
  • How to adapt your operations, financial reporting and fundraising efforts to deal with these changes
  • How to mitigate the impact of these changes on your organization

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Hiring a CFO for Your Non-Profit: Is Now the Time?

Non-profit organizations aim to serve a public interest, but almost every aspect of their work connects to money, just like with any for-profit business.