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Welcome to the August 2015 issue of the HA&W State & Local Tax (SALT) Newsletter.

With dozens of different taxes imposed by the 50 states (and thousands of local jurisdictions), we recognize how challenging it is to keep up with current issues and developments. This newsletter is designed to provide insights on developments in state and local taxes including new legislation, regulations, rulings and cases addressing issues such as corporate and personal income taxes, sales and use taxes, nexus, franchise/net worth taxes, etc.

This issue of the newsletter includes articles addressing (i) new tax legislation in Washington that further expands nexus standards, (ii) a California tax credit where taxpayers can state the amount of credit they want, (iii) the Multistate Tax Commission’s recently released working draft of a new model sales factor sourcing regulation (Part 1 of 2) and (iv) when individuals may be held personally liable for a company’s delinquent sales tax obligations.

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Jeff Glickman
Jeff Glickman, J.D., LL.M.
Partner-in-Charge, State & Local Tax Practice.

Washington 2015 Tax Legislation: More Economic and Click-Through Nexus Provisions

By Jeff Glickman, SALT partner

On July 1, 2015, Washington’s governor signed two tax bills as part of the state’s budget package. These new bills contain a number of provisions that may impact your business.    Read More

State Your Own Tax Credit Amount: California Competes Tax Credit

By Jeff Weinkle, SALT manager

California has established a negotiable income tax credit where the taxpayer can actually request the amount of credits they want.   Read More

Multistate Tax Commission Releases Working Draft of Model Market-Sourcing Regulations: Part I

by Tina Chunn, SALT senior manager

The Multistate Tax Commission has released a draft of market-sourcing regulations which provides guidance on the sourcing of receipts from in-person, professional and other services.   Read More

Employers, Officers and Owners: You May be Personally Liable for Your Company's Taxes

By Jeff Weinkle, SALT manager

Officers, certain employees and owners of a business can be held personally liable for the failure of a company to collect and remit certain “trust taxes,” most notably sales/use and withholding taxes.     Read More

Have a Sales Tax Exemption?
Don’t Forget Use Tax

By Jeff Glickman, SALT partner

When structuring a transaction to minimize sales tax, don't forget to consider use tax, particularly when the state of purchase and the state of use are not the same, as illustrated by a recent Alabama Tax Tribunal ruling.  Read More

To Tether or Not to Tether…
That Is the Sales Tax Question

By Jess Johannesen, SALT senior associate

What may seem to be an inconsequential change in how a product or service is provided or delivered can have a significant effect on the tax result, as it did for a hot-air balloon ride provider in Missouri.   Read More

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HA&W’s State & Local Tax (SALT) practice advises clients on the state and local tax implications of their business operations, allowing clients to strategically minimize their liabilities and risks. Our team has over 50 years of combined SALT experience in industry, state government, public accounting, and private law practice. We specialize in all areas of SALT, including matters related to corporate and personal income taxes, sales/use tax, nexus, franchise/net worth taxes, credits and incentives, and mergers & acquisitions. In addition, we represent clients in administrative matters before state revenue departments around the country, including audit defense and settlement negotiations, pursuing voluntary disclosure agreements, and obtaining letter rulings.