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Dec. 11, 2017

Aprio is proud to serve housing authorities

Public housing authorities are faced with a number of challenges each day, from a complex regulatory environment to under-staffed teams and growing workloads. Aprio has been serving the needs of public housing authorities for over 30 years, and Aprio's monthly newsletter delivers business advice and insights that help public housing executive directors increase efficiencies, cut costs and achieve what's next.


E-Filing: When Public Housing Files Find a New Home

By Rebecca McCune, partner

E-filing offers public housing authorities gains in efficiency and security of client information. Here are some strategies that will help you successfully digitize your agency.


How to Ensure a Successful RAD Conversion

By Thomas Carr, partner

As HUD money continues to decrease for housing authorities, most PHAs have turned to the RAD program as a lifeline. Consider these steps to ensure a successful RAD conversion.


You're Hired: Setting Your New Commissioner Up for Success

By Timothy Sumrall, partner

No matter their background, you must take the time to bring a new commissioner on board effectively. So, how can you help newly-hired commissioners settle in?


About Aprio

Aprio has been serving the needs of public housing authorities across the nation for over 30 years and has performed more than 2,200 housing authority audits. In addition to housing authority audits, Aprio provides a comprehensive range of tax and advisory services to assist housing authorities with management and business operations. Aprio is headquartered in Atlanta, but also operates in New York, Birmingham, Ala., Sarasota, Fla. and Indianapolis, Ind. For more, visit