New Offering for Clients and Prospects: Executive Briefings

An exciting new offering for clients and prospects has been launched at Aprio: executive briefings through the Aprio NEXT Center. The NEXT Center provides collaborative learning and briefing sessions to empower entrepreneurs and executive leaders to advance their businesses with confidence.

The sessions allow clients and prospects to engage with Aprio’s subject matter experts to solve business challenges, innovate for the future and develop actionable plans for growth. Three different types of sessions are offered through the NEXT Center:

  • NEXT Briefings – NEXT Briefings provide a deep dive into strategies for advancing clients’ and prospects’ businesses, including: merger and acquisition preparation, information security, maximizing tax credits and international business expansion.
  • Business Ideation Workshops – These workshops enable clients and prospects to solve a unique business challenge. Aprio’s subject matter experts assist clients with envisioning the desired future state, identifying potential obstacles, creating an innovative solution and developing an actionable plan to achieve results.
  • About Aprio Overview – These sessions provide an overview of the services offered by Aprio to help clients achieve what’s next.

If you’d like to request an executive briefing for a client, please fill out the NEXT Center Request Form, available on the Marketing portal or by clicking here.