New GSA Schedule 70 Requirement: One UPC Code Per SIN

August 6, 2012

GSA recently released a refresh to the IT Schedule Solicitation that contains new requirements regarding Universal Product Codes (UPC).  Products companies utilizing Schedule 70 must now submit at least one UPC barcode per qualifying Special Item Number (SIN). Currently, the only qualifying SIN  on Schedule 70 is SIN 132-8 Purchase of New Equipment. In the future, we expect this to be expanded to require the submittal of one UPC per product.

UPCs are a specific type of barcode that allow for products to be identified by company and product type. The first 6 digits of the UPC are a unique identifier specific to the company manufacturing the product. The next 6 digits are product specific and are created by the manufacturer. GSA is incorporating the use of UPCs as a way to group the same products together to allow for value comparisons.

Manufacturers:If you already have UPCs for your products, be sure to update your product catalog with at least one UPC for SIN 132-8. If you do not have at least one UPC for your products, you can obtain them in one of the following ways:

  1. Obtain unique UPCs specific to your company by becoming a member at The site quotes a price of $760 for up to 100 barcodes. Then a renewal fee must be paid annually to continue using the UPC barcodes on your products.
  2. Utilize one of the four following websites to obtain UPC barcodes that are not specific to your company. These companies have their own UPC prefix that is specific to their company, but they have the option of subdividing their UPC barcodes and selling them at a lower cost. Through this option, you will be able to create product-specific UPCs, but they will not be company specific. The four companies are (1 UPC for $19.99), (2 UPCs for $39), (1 UPC for $85) and ($89 for 1 UPC).

Resellers: If you are a reseller of the products on your schedule, please contact the manufacturer to obtain the specific UPCs for the products you are selling on your IT Schedule.

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