Kayla Maxey
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Kayla Maxey, CPA

Senior Manager at Aprio, R&D Quality and Risk Management | R&D tax credit expert | Serving clients in software, manufacturing, retail, engineering and more

Kayla Maxey at Aprio

Who I work with

I work with businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, across a broad spectrum of industries including software, manufacturing, retail and engineering. If your company is innovating or spending money to develop or improve products or processes, and you like saving money, R&D tax credits just might be the answer.

My specialty

I ensure that we are maintaining consistent technical excellence across our R&D studies. I review every R&D credit that Aprio team members prepare to proactively identify any areas of exposure that may raise a red flag if our study comes under audit. We weigh the risk against client budgets and resources to develop the appropriate documentation strategy to successfully defend claims. My duties also include:

  • Supporting partners in R&D tax engagements
  • Helping new Aprio tax partners identify R&D opportunities
  • Leading audit defense preparation to set up clients for success
  • Conducting meals and entertainment studies for clients’ and Aprio’s returns

Results I have delivered

I led quality assurance on $90 million+ in R&D tax credit claims in the 2019 tax year. My work requires staying on top of guidance and case law related to Sections 41 and 174; monitoring the current litigation environment related to R&D tax credits; and spending hours attending symposiums to network with other R&D professionals to stay ahead of trends.

Unique things about me

My husband and I go on a cruise every year. In 2020, we decided to go early in February, so thankfully we got our “cruise on” pre-COVID and didn't break our 10-year streak.

When I am not at work

My husband and I love going camping with our two boys, ages three and four. I volunteer with the Gainesville Chapter of the International Moms Offering Moms Support® (MOMS®) Club and have organized two very successful diaper/toy drives for local foster families.

People say that I am


Attentive to detail, a technical expert and proactive

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