Marc Rosenkoetter

Advisory Services Leader | Advisory Services Partner | Digital Transformation Specialist



Who I work with

I lead professionals across Aprio’s growing list of advisory practice areas and advise clients on strategic growth initiatives. I serve clients in a broad spectrum of industries including banking and financial services, technology, consumer products, media, entertainment and communications.

My specialty

In a single phrase, I specialize in digital transformation. I leverage my expertise in Agile Project Management (i.e., Scrum), Sales Enablement and Business Process Optimization to help clients capitalize on opportunities and overcome business challenges. I focus on helping clients support innovation and accelerate sustainable growth.


Results I have delivered

My role, by definition, is to be an agent of change — both with our clients and internally. In setting a change strategy, I leverage a company’s culture and executive sponsorship to make the case for change. Transformation takes a mix of both reflection on where we’ve been and action-orientation to drive into the future with relentless focus on iterative process improvement to achieve goals.

Unique things about me

In September 2019, I completed a 180-mile ultra-marathon in eight days traversing the Alps through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. You can watch the documentary of me in the race here.

In November 2018, I competed on The Food Network’s “Christmas Cookie Challenge”.


When I am not at work

I am a trained chef, and my wife and I teach cooking classes at a local culinary school. I am also a home improvement fanatic and take on epic projects like excavating my own basement with a jackhammer and terracing my backyard.

People say I am


An adventurer, helper and builder