Pilar Diaz

ESG Associate | I help government contractors advance sustainable futures with innovation, empathy and strategic insight


Pilar Diaz
Journey to ESG

Who I work with

I work with mid-market government contractors with $10M to $15M in revenue, who want to enhance or begin their ESG journey.

My specialty

Compliance with federal regulations and alignment with global sustainability targets can be challenging. I specialize in helping government contractors achieve both. A firm understanding of industry best practices and client-centric operations enables me to help clients establish ESG frameworks and comply with federal regulations governing ESG. I’m excited to drive positive change for clients by coordinating ESG initiatives across departments, conducting greenhouse gas accounting for Scopes 1, 2 and 3, Materiality Assessments and ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards.

Results I have delivered

As we face increasing challenges related to climate change, new global initiatives and regulations are taking effect to address those challenges. I’m passionate about helping clients rise to the challenge and be highly competitive in the new, sustainable economy with comprehensive reports of greenhouse gas inventories.

Unique things about me

I love to kayak! A few times a year, I travel to a new river, lake or beach and kayak across it.

Pilar Diaz - Kayak
Pilar Diaz - Frida

When I am not at work

I enjoy camping and painting in nature. On the weekends, I play tennis or go on long walks with my rescued Spanish Galgo.

People say I am


Client-focused, knowledgeable and passionate for positive change.

Pilar Diaz - Affiliations


I have a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Maryland, and a Sustainable Business-Advisory Level certification from the International Association for Sustainable Economy (IASE). I have an ATA language interpreter certification and language diploma from the Alliance Francaise Institute. I am also a member of the American Red Cross.