Tim Saulnier

Bank fee reduction specialist | Cash management expert


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Who I work with

I work with CEOs, CFOs, VPs of Finance, Controllers and Accounting managers who are seeking innovative cash management strategies to improve cash flow and maximize working capital.

Today 85% of businesses overpay for banking services. Most finance professionals agree their fees are high, but they are too busy to chase the money. That’s what I do.

My specialty

I provide a unique service that can save you money on your bank fees. Using our experience in banking operations, treasury sales and data analysis, we assess your banking fees and help you negotiate savings across your:

  • Bank transaction fees
  • Foreign exchange fees
  • Credit card rebates
  • Deposits (ECR & interest rates)
  • Merchant processing fees
    My team has a proven track record of saving clients 35% or more in fees. It’s a no risk service. We charge no upfront – we get paid on how much we can save you.

Unique things about me

  • I served on active duty in the U.S. Army for 20 years before retiring in 1996 as a First Sergeant in the Military Police Corps.
  • I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Maryland.
  • I earned a Master of Business Administration in Business, Marketing and Economics degree from Webster’s University.
Library and campus of the University of Maryland located in College Park, MD.

People say I am


Innovative, pragmatic and easy to work with.