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Vlad Gorenshteyn

Applied Behavioral Economics | Practice Director

Who I work with

I work with established and entrepreneurial companies that are aggressive about growth and not afraid to try new things. They know they need the “x” factor to effectively compete and ready to engage my team for our applied behavioral marketing expertise.

What is my specialty

My career has been laser-focused on helping clients tell their brand stories and capturing a measurable ROI from their traditional and digital marketing investments. The secret sauce? Matching my clients’ business goals with the needs and behaviors of their target audiences – in the most linear path.

Unique things about me

I'm a storyteller – expressing narrative in different mediums: prose, art, music, film, digital, and events. I generate and translate big ideas, leading creative, technical, marketing, and analytical experts to get the job done.

I love the process of making something from nothing.
I'm a maker at heart.

When I am not at work

Family above all. Close seconds are music and anything that has a motor. I enjoy multimedia production, and love building things with my hands. I’m a budding drummer and professional DJ and love bringing people together through events. I ground myself with yoga.

You can find me at the local car show, on stage, or toiling in the studio. I have an insatiable thirst for learning how to do things differently and more efficiently. I’m a life-long learner.

People say that I am

Never idle, always moving forward. A creative at heart with analytical chops. Never missing an opportunity to “build connections between people to drive towards a goal.” They also say that I’m an "unstoppable creative powerhouse.”


“An unstoppable creative powerhouse.”

Is there a fit?

Let's explore.