Private Equity Firms: Get a Tax Credit Worth up to $19K Per Employee

The ERC is an immediate cash lucrative benefit that can help support portfolio companies of PE firms’ growth goals through 2021 and beyond and is a cash benefit increasing Return on Investment to your owners and shareholders. To find out if you are eligible, watch this short video featuring Aprio experts Michael Levy and John Santamour.

Aside from eligibility requirements, this video will also bring you up-to-speed on:

  • The ERC program, as a whole, and the guidelines and provisions that PE firms and their portfolios companies need to meet for eligibility for the credit.
  • How PE firms and their portfolio companies can use the ERC in connection with increasing their cash flows.
  • The value of the ERC to PE firms and their portfolio companies, shown through an example to help you better understand how much you could qualify for.

If you have questions about the ERC, your PE firm and portfolio companies’ eligibility and how you can apply for the credit, please contact Aprio today. We have a robust team specializing in helping PE firms and their portfolio companies and strategics maximize their cash benefits and growth opportunities, plus a team of experts specializing in CARES Act programs like the ERC.