Private Equity Webinar Series Session 2: Growing Your Own – Portfolio Company Improvement

September 9, 2020

Join Aprio Private Equity for a webinar seriesCOVID-19 Private Equity Reset: Creating Value in a New World. Watch the second webinar now, as our expert panelists discuss short, medium and long-term strategies for managing risks, refining operations, controlling costs and improving performance.

Investors and mid-market executives looking to optimize operations to thrive in the new normal will learn about how to identify and mitigate risks that can impact revenue, costs, profitability and cash flow as well as specific tools to do so. During the webinar, our panel will address:

  • Business risk assessment
  • Risk strategy
  • Operational & performance improvements
  • Transforming data into decisions
  • Reducing banking fees to maximize profitability
Special Guest Panelist:


  • Loree Connors, CFO, Vitamix
Aprio Expert Panelists:


  • Dave Recchion, Partner, Enterprise Risk Management, Aprio
  • Tim Saulnier, Director, Treasury Optimization, Aprio
  • Chris Schultz, Director, Data & Analytics, Aprio

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