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Remote Access Support

Stay informed of our remote connectivity best practices as well as inform your client of your remote connectivity requirements ahead of your onsite visit.

While Aprio provides most of our applications via Citrix this document is focused on accessing Caseware via Citrix.

The number of variables involved in accessing Caseware via Citrix on a client site can be paralyzing. To that end we are focusing on the basics and will continue to add complexity as necessary. Below are the minimum requirements for accessing our Citrix environment from a client site. While not set in stone these serve as our standard in hopes of providing the most successful user experience.

Bandwidth – The minimum bandwidth requirement is 10 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. Please use to test bandwidth.

Latency – Bandwidth is the typical measure for gauging speed however latency must also be considered. Users can get 15 – 20 Mbps bandwidth while latency measurements are in the 100 ms range.  Anything over 100ms, Citrix connections may suffer (freezing and disconnects). The maximum latency speed we need to make sure our users our consistently operating under is 80 ms.

Single network – Please ensure all Aprio staff are operating from the same network.

Wireless or wired? – Wired connectivity is always preferred however wireless access is fine assuming minimum bandwidth and maximum latency requirements are met.

Aprio Staff

Please provide the above information to your client three to four weeks prior to your onsite visit to ensure they have ample time to make any necessary changes.

If you are onsite and experiencing issues accessing CaseWare via Citrix, please confirm the minimum bandwidth and maximum latency requirements are within tolerance. If they are not, please contact the client IT department and make them aware.

If requirements are being met, please send an email to the Service Desk while identifying a single point of contact. Please be sure to include a cell phone number where the point of contact can be reached.