The Pulse on the Economy and Capital Markets: May 16–20, 2022

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At a glance Investors are growing more concerned about stagflation versus inflation when it comes to the financial markets and economy. Risk assets like US stocks and cryptocurrency saw steep declines last week, while government and investment-grade bonds and commodities moved higher. Not only is inflation affecting consumers, but it is also impacting major retailers…

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The Pulse on the Economy and Capital Markets: April 11–15, 2022

Increased prices

At a glance Stock and bond markets continued to struggle, as investors focused on and grew more concerned about rising interest rates. Global stock markets declined 1.7% and quality corporate bonds are down 11% year to date. More positively, oil and copper started to march higher after a difficult stretch of performance. Last month, the…

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How to Implement an Inflation Playbook

Digital Global Economy

Global economies are facing a major issue — inflation. Reaching multi-decade highs, inflation has dramatically impacted the costs of food, energy, materials, transportation and so much more. Most individuals have never managed a high inflationary environment and are struggling to adapt to how quickly it can change profitability, margins, cash flow and balance sheets.

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The Pulse on the Economy and Capital Markets: April 4 – 8, 2022

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At a glance: We’re seeing markets decline as investors shy away from risk-driven investments in anticipation of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive response to combat inflation. Heading into 2022, expectations for the benchmark interest rate was around 1%, however, that has now jumped to over 2.5%. A new M&A trend to buy existing assets rather than…

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The Pulse on the Economy and Capital Markets: March 21–25, 2022

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At a glance In the markets, we’re seeing a recurrent storyline play out, with stock markets performing well globally and increases in the cryptocurrency and commodities markets. On the other hand, bonds struggled under the weight of investors’ inflation and interest rate worries. Government and investment-grade bonds are now down 6% and 9% respectively for…

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