Tax Credits and Incentives

Tax Credits and Incentives

There are many lucrative federal and state tax credits and incentives available to companies which could result in tax savings. Those savings could be invested in hiring new employees, developing new products or services, purchasing new equipment or even just improving your profitability. We look holistically at potential tax credits and incentives that may be available for your company in the context of your entire tax planning strategy. This ensures that companies actually get the maximum benefit from credits and don’t waste time or money on credits that aren’t ultimately beneficial to you. At Aprio, our dedicated tax advisors help clients understand all the options available to them, whether that’s securing a tax credit or searching out other government programs that could increase your bottom line, allowing you to reinvest in what’s next.

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Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits

Recoup the costs of your R&D and re-invest in your business. We will perform an R&D Tax Credit study to determine the maximum value of your federal and state credit(s) and help you secure it. Aprio performs hundreds of R&D Tax Credit studies each year, for companies performing R&D all over the country.

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Jobs Tax Credits

We help determine whether your business meets the criteria for various state jobs tax credits. Once we’ve determined your eligibility, we’ll help you secure the maximum benefit available.

Film and Entertainment Tax Credits

The entertainment industry is big business to several states around the country, and many states offer tax credits and incentives to entice digital companies and entertainment productions to expand and function in the state. We’ll help you secure all benefits available and guide you on how to sell your unused benefits on the transferable tax credit market.

Training or Re-training Tax Credits

Get cash back for investing in your employees. Businesses which devote time and money to training programs for their employees may qualify for training or retraining credits, if available in their state. We can help you determine your eligibility and secure the maximum benefit available.

Investment Tax Credits

If your business is investing in new land, buildings, improvements or equipment, you might be eligible to recover some of those costs in multiple ways. Both federal and state governments offer investment tax credits for qualifying investments in certain property. We help determine if you’re eligible for any of these credits and secure the maximum benefit available.

Angel Investor Tax Credits

Seeking investment cash or looking to make an angel investment? Many states offer a tax credit for angel investments in qualifying businesses. We help businesses file the paperwork to become eligible investments, increasing their attractiveness to potential investors, and assist angel investors with claiming the credit.

Clean Energy Credits and Incentives

Is your business in the technology space? Do you use green technology as part of your operations? Many states offer tax credits and incentives to encourage the development and use of environmentally-friendly technology. We will help you secure all available benefits to re-invest back into your business.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

This federal credit is available to employers who hire individuals from groups which have consistently faced barriers to employment, including but not limited to veterans, food stamp recipients and ex-felons. We can help you determine how many of your employees qualify and secure the credit.

FICA Tip Credit

If you have tipped employees in your restaurant, you should be utilizing this credit. Employers are eligible to receive a 7.65 percent credit for the social security tax paid on employees’ tips. The credit is available with respect to tips received from customers in connection with food or beverage sales. The credit is calculated in tip income in excess of a $5.15 per hour minimum wage and can be used to offset federal income tax.

Other Tax Credits and Incentives

Both federal and state governments offer a wide variety of tax credits to both companies and individuals. We will help you evaluate the unique opportunities for tax savings available to you or your company and ensure that you’re not leaving any money on the table.

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