Digital Marketing Optimization Advisory and Services

Buyers were already online before the Coronavirus. Now it is simply the new normal.

What are the odds of you being found?

What are the odds of you being selected over competition?

What impact will it have on your business if these odds improved?

Aprio’s Digital Marketing Optimization clients evolve their digital effectiveness to the performance levels of their human “A”-teams.

How? By reducing friction in buyers’ journey from Hello to Yes™ through the use of Behavioral Economics science.

Aprio is the only CPA Advisory firm in the world with a MIT-trained Behavioral Economist leading a Digital Marketing Optimization Advisory and Services practice.

Who you are…

You are leading a successful business, looking to evolve your company’s digital presence to the level of your top-performing sales and business development team.

Who we are…

We are unique. We are different. We are Math Men and Women, not Mad Men.

We are at our best analyzing your economic, process, and behavioral data to diagnose, fine-tune, or completely rebuild your digital marketing engine for maximum effectiveness.

How do we engage…

To increase your odds of being found and selected, we offer these 3 ways to engage:

  • Re-build of your website for agility, findability, and effectiveness
    • Starting at $10,000
  • Diagnostic of your website for demand, findability, and effectiveness.
    • $5,000 per website. 100% guaranteed.
  • Continuous Optimization of your website for impact maximization and findability.
    • Starting at $2,000/mo.

Open to learning more? let’s talk.