Purchase Accounting and Purchase Price Allocation

So, the Purchase and Sale Agreement terms have been negotiated and funding has been set up and sales and operations have quickly realigned resources and begun cross selling new products. Now what? Often, the last question asked by the Integration Management Office is “How does this merger impact our financial statements?” Aprio’s Financial Consulting practice has helped clients navigate these troubled waters.

Aprio’s technical accounting experts have experience assisting clients with the accounting for a wide array of transactions including asset acquisitions, reverse mergers, carve-outs and business combinations. We’ve prepared many acquisition accounting memos for our clients, in accordance with ASC 805.

Aprio accounting memos clearly lay out the necessary steps to take and the accounting records required for your transaction. We also work with our in-house valuation experts to aid with the purchase price allocation procedures and provide insight into how each transaction should be disclosed in your financial statements.

Please contact Jeff Duncan Jeffrey Duncan to learn how Aprio can support your purchase accounting, purchase price allocation, and financial reporting process changes.