Global Mobility Tax Services and Consulting

Global Mobility Advisory Services tailored to your unique workforce and business needs

For multinational businesses and companies with global reach, addressing international tax matters and ensuring that employees maintain tax compliance isn’t always easy. No matter where you do business, tax codes are becoming increasingly complex. This makes compliance and reporting difficult, even for well-established companies with employees located all over the world.

Aprio understands the tax-related challenges that multinational companies face as well as the difficulties that global mobility can pose. That’s why we offer comprehensive income tax planning and reporting services for businesses that have international tax exposure. Rather than offering a standard international business tax program, we tailor our services to your company’s unique needs as we work to optimize your international tax exposure and maximize your savings.

Our experienced tax advisors specialize in working with companies that relocate employees internationally, especially those that shift workers to and from the United States. With our advanced understanding of how your company’s global workforce affects virtually every aspect of your company, from human resources and payroll to finance and accounting to tax and legal, our advisors can guide you toward the most effective tax strategy for your business.

At Aprio, we’re no strangers to the global stage. Although we’re based in Georgia, our advisors work with clients in more than 40 countries around the world. We have in-depth knowledge of various international tax codes, allowing us to apply our expertise to meet your company’s tax requirements. We will coordinate with our Morison KSi affiliates around the globe in order to assist employees in meeting their tax reporting compliance requirements outside the US.  We’re fluent in more than 25 languages, enabling us to communicate effectively with clients around the globe.

Discover how Aprio can assist with your company’s international income tax needs, from reporting and compliance to planning and strategy. Learn about our global mobility tax services and find out how to begin working with our international tax advisory team.

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How Aprio Provides Expert Global Mobility Consulting

At Aprio, we understand that the circumstances surrounding each company and employee may be very different. That’s why we have extensive conversations with each new client to assess each independent situation and adapt our services to meet your needs.

In many cases, our advisors will start by working closely with your company to plan for upcoming international assignments. We’ll work with your team and each international employee to address each stakeholder’s priorities as they relate to employee relocation. Based on the priorities we identify, we can then begin to work with specialized members of your team to address pressing issues.

We’ll advise on and implement international human resources policies and highlight a variety of compliance and reporting issues, including individual and company income tax exposure. Our advisory team will also provide guidance related to creating policies for relocation benefits and tax reimbursements. In many cases, our advisors work with clients’ payroll departments to ensure that they maintain accurate U.S.-based reporting for salaries and bonuses. We’ll also advise on reporting for assignment allowances, relocation benefits, and third-party reimbursements.

Our team can streamline tax reporting for your international employees even further. Our advisors also prepare U.S. income tax returns for international workers while simultaneously coordinating their tax positions with their home or host country tax advisors. We’ll coordinate any additional services within the Aprio network to keep employees’ income tax burden to a minimum.

Our knowledgeable advisors understand that income tax planning can be particularly challenging for both companies with cross-border employees and international workers. That’s why we also assist with planning for social security tax, including  applying the appropriate social security agreements designed to minimize exposure to double taxation. Our advisors can even prepare tax settlement calculations to reconcile tax burdens for employees and employers, giving both your company and your employees peace of mind.

Our global mobility tax services don’t end when your employees move to an international location. Our experienced advisors also provide guidance for repatriation or localization of employees. With our dedicated advisory team by your side, you can feel confident that you’re handling all essential components of employee relocation correctly, whether your employees are leaving or returning to the U.S.

When you partner with Aprio, both your company and your employees will experience benefits. Naturally, employees that accept international assignments can have a widespread effect on any organization. However, our team strives to mitigate any negative effects while providing guidance with compliance and minimizing exposure.

We accomplish these goals by identifying and involving key stakeholders to facilitate accurate reporting, budgeting, and compliance for internationally relocated employees. Our tax compliance services minimize risk exposure that your company might face, and our seamless coordination with home and host advisors keeps income and social security tax exposure as low as possible.

Our experienced advisors excel at working with both your corporate team and your individual employees. From serving as outside tax advisors to employees to guiding corporate policies for your company, Aprio ensures that both your company and your employees benefit from our services.

Access Aprio’s Global Mobility Tax Services

No matter which stage of international expansion your business currently finds itself, Aprio can provide the global mobility tax services your organization needs. Our advisors regularly work with companies that are only beginning to consider opening international branches, organizations that already have international employee populations, businesses seeking to expand into new international territories, and companies that have temporary workers stationed in foreign jurisdictions.

With more than 60 years in the tax advisory business, clients in more than 40 countries, and numerous clients with cross-border employees, Aprio has the expertise your company needs to address international tax exposure. Since our advisors strive to assist your organization with maintaining compliance, minimizing international tax obligations, and planning forward-thinking tax strategies, you can rest assured that we can address both immediate matters and long-term concerns.

Don’t let international aspirations cost your company or your employees unnecessary dollars. To learn how Aprio can assist with global mobility tax matters, please Contact Cheryl Leydon for a consultation.

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