Basic Outsourced Accounting Services

Accounting continuity, reliability and accuracy are essential to any growing business. Aprio’s Basic Outsourced Accounting Services brings you a dedicated team of accounting professionals delivering service on secure, cloud-based technology. Our services and technology are specifically tailored to the needs of startups, small businesses, schools and family offices.

A dedicated team you can trust

With Aprio Basic Outsourced Accounting, you will have a dedicated accounting team that includes an accountant with account manager supervision, so you will have the proper controls in place to mitigate risk. Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all of your accounting functions are being performed consistently, accurately and on-time by your team of industry experts.

You will see tangible benefits

Our services provide your business with tangible bottom-line benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency and reduced cost
  • Ensured business continuity
  • Access to expertise and advice that mitigates risk
  • Freedom for staff to focus on core strategy

Access real-time information anywhere, anytime

Technology for better decision making

As an Aprio Outsourced Accounting Services customer, your business will operate on QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks’ real-time dashboards, budgeting and reporting provide better decision support for growing businesses. QuickBooks’ cloud-based platform provides secure access from any internet-connected device. Our AP workflow and payment automation system,, lets you stay on top of AP approval and cash flow. Plus, HubDoc document management will keep you organized by fetching documents from your online banks and vendors and receiving other important documents to create a secure online repository.

Custom service levels that meet your needs

Our basic plan covers many core business functions, but we can tailor a plan to meet your specific business needs. Transaction volume and business requirements drive service and cost estimates more so than revenue. Our team will perform a comprehensive assessment of your business and present a detailed proposal and implementation plan, including service, cost and transition details. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures a smooth transition. Aprio is also now a payroll provider, enabling us to serve as a single-source partner for all of your financial, payroll and HR service needs. One partner. One platform.

Our Basic Outsourced Accounting plan includes:

  • AP/Bill Payments
  • Employee Expenses
  • AR Cash Receipts
  • Payroll Processing
  • Financial Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Month-End/GL Reconciliation

Additional services available include: tax returns, billing, commission reporting, budgeting and forecasting and benchmark reporting. During the initial evlauation, we will identify any other additional services your business may require.

Basic Outsourced Accounting Downloads

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