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Whether you recently launched a startup company with nationwide ambitions or you lead an established business with operations in several states, doing business across state lines can complicate your company’s multi-state income tax liabilities and compliance obligations significantly. Buying or selling companies in other states can make your organization’s tax matters even more complex. Since failure to understand your exposure or maintain compliance with requirements can put your company at serious risk, it’s essential to entrust your business’s multi-state income tax matters to an experienced advisory firm.

Whether your business operates in only two or in all 50 states, Aprio has a deep understanding of your company’s state income tax needs. Our state and local tax (SALT) group dedicates all of its consulting efforts to this specialized area and has extensive experience with state income tax matters. We regularly serve clients headquartered in 49 of the 50 states, and our knowledgeable team constantly monitors income tax legislation in all 50 states.

Aprio’s dedication and experience enables our SALT group to provide superior income tax advisory services to multi-state businesses of all sizes. Whether your business involves manufacturing and distribution, construction, financial services, transportation, media and entertainment, or technology, our advisors have the industry experience necessary to address your specific situation. In fact, we’ve provided clients with trustworthy tax advice since 1952 by helping them achieve their next-level objectives for more than 65 years.

Discover how our knowledgeable SALT team can guide your team toward what’s next by providing experienced, reliable multi-state income tax consulting. Learn how our advisory services can enable your business to mitigate risk, maintain compliance, and fuel growth, plus find out how to work with our dedicated SALT group.

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How Aprio’s state income tax consulting services exceed your expectations

Whether your business is engaged in proactive planning or your company is reacting to rapid growth, the complexities of state income tax rules in various jurisdictions can lead to a myriad of questions. Aprio’s SALT team leverages extensive experience and thorough research to address complicated income tax matters and alleviate your uncertainties.

When our advisors work with your business, we’ll begin with an analysis of your company’s operations and an assessment of your state income tax exposure. In many cases, we’ll provide a nexus review, which determines whether your company has enough of a connection to or a presence in a given state to require completing an income tax return.

We’ll review your state income tax calculations and determine whether your business has allocated income correctly. Since each state levies taxes differently, our advisors will provide guidance regarding the best filing methodology in each state, including separate company, combined or unitary, and consolidated income tax returns.

Aprio can guide you to take the best possible course of action as you allocate revenue to the states where you do business and structure big-ticket transactions to minimize tax exposure and maximize profitability. Our knowledgeable advisors work closely with your team to assess income tax liabilities accurately to avoid costly penalties and interest. We assist with identifying and claiming all relevant state income tax credits, ultimately putting cash back into your business and fueling the growth you’re working toward.

If you’re planning significant nonroutine transactions, such as sales of capital assets or mergers with and acquisitions of other companies, our dedicated team can advise on the most tax-effective methods to conduct these deals. We’ll help you minimize state tax consequences and increase  your bottom-line from these major transactions.

At Aprio, we know that state and local income tax consulting services are critical elements for a sound, comprehensive, and forward-thinking tax strategy. While we certainly provide state income tax consulting during tax compliance season, our dedicated advisors also view it as a proactive service.

An effective income tax strategy must address the specific requirements of the states in which your business operates. This understanding of multi-state income tax matters is essential to evolving business operations and the structuring of significant one-time transactions. By taking a proactive approach to state income tax compliance, Aprio’s SALT team can identify potential income tax problems and make recommendations for minimizing any liabilities so that your business can achieve or exceed its objectives.

Work with Aprio’s experienced state income tax advisors

Whether you’re concerned about mitigating your company’s income tax exposure or maximizing state tax credits. you want to ensure you’re maintaining tax compliance in all applicable states, or you need to assess how state taxes could impact planned corporate growth, Aprio is here to help. No matter which state your business calls home or how ambitious your growth plan may be, you can be assured that our advisory team will help you implement effective tax strategies that enable your company to maximize profit and achieve what’s next for your organization.

With our in-depth understanding of income tax legislation in all 50 states and our experience with clients in 49 states, Aprio’s dedicated team provides the multifaceted state income tax advice your business requires to grow effectively. Our SALT team offers more than 50 years of combined field experience working in Fortune 100 companies, state departments of revenue, private law practices, and public accounting firms. National media outlets ranging from Bloomberg to CNBC regularly contact our experts for commentary on state and local tax matters.

Ready to find out how our state income tax knowledge and experience can work for your new startup, growing, or mature business? To learn how our SALT team can address your company’s income tax needs, contact Jeff Glickman by phone at 770-515-9646 for answers to your state or local tax questions.

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