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Experienced state tax audit defense assistance

Few businesses look forward to tax audits and learning that your company is facing an audit by a state or local tax agency can be a sobering prospect. Whether you’re confident that your company is compliant with tax requirements, or you’re concerned that your business could have unintended tax exposure, it is wise to have an expert in your corner to represent your business. Aprio’s audit defense services provide the administrative representation your business needs to effectively navigate state and local tax audits.

Whether your organization is facing its first state or local tax audit, or your company undergoes audits annually, you need an experienced advisory team on your side. Aprio provides the expert tax audit defense services your company needs to mitigate risk effectively, assess tax exposure accurately, and maintain compliance in a timely manner. From consultation services to complete representation, Aprio’s state and local tax (SALT) services group offers the expertise and guidance your business needs to handle these important tax matters.

When selecting an advisory group to handle your business’s tax audit, you want to ensure that you’ve chosen a team with the experience to achieve the best possible outcome for your business. Aprio’s SALT team is dedicated solely to this focus area. Our knowledgeable advisors have extensive experience in all 50 states and a deep understanding of the intricacies of state and local tax matters.

Since state and local tax is our core concentration, our dedicated SALT team is committed to achieving the best results from your organization’s tax audit. Learn how Aprio’s experienced SALT team approaches the tax audit defense process and discover how to begin working with our knowledgeable advisors.

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How Aprio approaches the tax audit defense process

Aprio’s experienced advisory team understands that no two tax audits are alike. Our SALT group begins the process by assessing the specifics of the audit and analyzing your company’s needs. We’ll determine whether providing background consulting or working directly with the auditor would be most effective. If we pursue the latter, our advisors may represent your organization under power of attorney.

No matter which route your company chooses, you can expect Aprio to offer the knowledge, expertise, and guidance your business needs to complete the audit process with optimal results. Your Aprio audit defense advisory team operate as an extension of your internal team to proactively guide you through that audit process. We gather all relevant information from your company and communicate with your stakeholders regularly throughout the audit process, ensuring that you always understand the status of your audit.

While many audits confirm that our clients already meet all relevant tax reporting requirements, some organizations find themselves out of compliance. When noncompliance becomes an issue, our SALT team works directly with your company’s internal accounting resources to determine the extent of your organization’s state and local tax exposure. We’ll also develop a course of action aimed to bring your business into compliance for sales and use taxes, income taxes, and other state and local taxes.

In many cases, Aprio’s advisory team also offers assistance with matters that require working directly with state and local tax agencies. Our advisors will effectively represent your organization and negotiate on your behalf, so you can focus on running your business.

At Aprio, we know that state tax rules can be complicated, and handling some tax matters requires guidance from state tax authorities. If your company needs specialized guidance on sales tax obligations pertaining to unusual products or services, or requires advice on sourcing sales for appropriate income tax apportionment, our advisory team can pursue a private letter ruling. We’ll work closely with your team to draft a request and correspond with the state tax authority to obtain the ruling and maintain compliance with state tax obligations.

When Aprio’s advisors identify state tax exposures, we may work to determine whether your business is eligible to participate in a voluntary disclosure process. We’ll communicate with the state tax agency to assess your company’s eligibility, estimate the potential liability, and request resolution via a voluntary disclosure agreement. Since this type of agreement typically requires a look-back period of only three to four years and often waives related penalties, obtaining a voluntary disclosure can be highly beneficial to your business.

In the event that your company inadvertently overpays its tax obligation, Aprio’s advisors provide experienced assistance. We work closely with your company to identify potential state tax refund claims, and we aggressively pursue those claims with relevant state tax authorities, saving your organization substantial time and effort, and recovering your cash to invest back into the business.

How to access Aprio’s audit defense advisory services

No matter where your business falls on the tax compliance spectrum, discovering that your company is subject to a state and local tax audit can be daunting. Rather than attempting to address the audit internally, where you may devote substantial efforts away from the business and risk suboptimal results, partner with an experienced tax audit defense firm to ensure that you’ll achieve the best possible outcome for your organization.

Aprio’s SALT group is dedicated to offering superior audit defense services and tax advisory services on a range of state and local tax matters. In addition to extensive involvement with state and local tax in all 50 states, our team has 50 years of combined experience working in Fortune 100 companies, state departments of revenue, public accounting firms, and private law practices.

While Aprio’s SALT team has a specialized practice area, we work with clients in many industries. We’re committed to providing high-level guidance for clients in all industries such as financial services, technology, media and entertainment, manufacturing and distribution, construction , retail, and hospitality.

Whether your business requires immediate audit defense services or you anticipate needing assistance in the near future, Aprio can help. To learn how Aprio can provide tax audit defense services for your business,contact Jeff Glickman by phone at 770-515-8715 for more information about our state and local tax services.

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