Evaluation and Simplification


If your organization’s business plan includes moving to the cloud or a hosting environment and you’re struggling with the cost, coordination and resources, you might want to start thinking of a “business plan” for the migration itself.

Aprio’s best practice runbook approach and templates can help you organize and align your migration targets with business requirements. Any data or application migration requires a defined strategy, methodology, project plan and success metrics to ensure efficient and seamless execution. That is what Aprio’s approach can offer your planning committee.

Aprio’s Business Technology Consulting Services group works with clients to create the business case for technology transformations and design solutions that simplify deployment processes and help manage costs. Our team applies proven methodologies that enable you to:

  • Evaluate the landscape
    Evaluate strategies and operations before deployment to understand costs and benefits.
  • State your case
    Develop a business case to execute “wave groups” when migrating to data center hosting facilities, cloud environments and managed service providers.
  • Control costs
    Align data center costs, service plans and cloud contracts with business activities for cost transparency.
  • Define migration targets
    Using our discovery assessment method and templates, design a step-by-step gating process to define targets and dependencies to create a detailed migration schedule.

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Our proven methodology and templates for delivering applications, environments and IT services to the Cloud

Data Migration Model- Aprio

Moving from concerns to control

If your organization is struggling to understand and monitor its technology investments, we can help. Aprio’s Business Technology consultants serve as independent, objective advisors to guide companies through the most challenging transformations. Our services have been designed to help companies that are dealing with these common concerns:

  • Approaching a cloud migration with no baseline for IT, services or support
  • Requiring a business plan for a cloud strategy and migration ROI
  • Resolving M&A integration challenges – pre-merger and post-merger
  • Requiring cloud costs to be linked to a business unit per the Tech Business Management standards
  • Protecting data outside of the cloud environment
  • Requiring periodic outsourcing options for executing basic migrations that require resources for short-term projects

Accountability and confidence

Aprio’s Business Technology Consulting Services team has developed proven frameworks and methodologies to help evaluate and simplify the most challenging technology transformations. The rigor of our CPA heritage ensures that our services help your organization link IT CapEx and OpEx spend to business services in a manner that fosters accountability and confidence in planning and execution.

To learn more about Aprio’s Business Technology Consulting Services, contact Mark Mahre.

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