ESG Services and Advisory

From tracking Greenhouse Gas emissions and sustainability benchmarking to ESG target setting and advancing corporate social responsibility programs, Aprio’s ESG services help you navigate every milestone on your sustainability journey.


Nicole Mitchell

Nicole Mitchell, CPA, CGMA, MBA

Chief Practice Leader, ESG, Partner

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Aprio’s ESG consulting team helps you create, implement and advance your ESG strategy. With an emphasis on and deep experience in mid-market companies, we are here to ensure your company meets and exceeds your ESG needs.

Whether you require support on ESG reporting, tax, or technology, we provide comprehensive resources to help you develop a strategic approach to ESG by identifying sustainable opportunities and achieving ESG compliance.

Reap the benefits of ESG

Whether you are a business or investor, the benefits of ESG are significant. Aprio’s ESG services can help you realize the value of sustainability:

  • Increased brand value and consumer choice
  • Enhanced talent recruitment and retention
  • Higher business valuation and investor appeal
  • Increased win rate for federal awards
  • Meet vendor sustainability requirements and create a competitive advantage
  • Save money, drive innovation and increase productivity

How we can help

Technology & Reporting

ESG reporting, powered by Good.Lab software, enable Aprio clients to collect, calculate and report data. Efficiently highlight your ESG footprint through a materiality matrix, ESG assessments and disclosures.

Tax Incentives

ESG tax specialists can help you navigate the Internal Revenue Code’s Section 48 and Section 45 clean energy investment and production tax credits and more.


The improvements roadmap enables companies to continually expand their ESG and Greenhouse Gas footprint by incorporating an ESG scorecard to track progress toward set goals.


The materiality assessment, benchmarking, target setting, prioritization, and progress assessment led by our experts can help you begin your journey.


It is embedded in the 31 fundamentals that fuel our culture. It drives our commitment to diversity and to creating an inclusive workforce. And it is reflected in our dedication to our employees’ health and well-being. We hope to share our passion for sustainability with our clients and empower their businesses to create a better tomorrow.


Sustainability is woven into
Aprio’s DNA.

Richard Kopelman,

CEO and Managing Partner of Aprio

Meet Our Team

At Aprio, we’re uniquely positioned to help you navigate every milestone on your sustainability journey — from accounting, verification and ESG scoring to advancing your corporate social responsibility programs.

Gabriela Brown

Practice Leader, ESG

Jiyoon Choi

Senior Tax Manager, ESG

Pilar Diaz

ESG Associate

David Siegel

Partner, Assurance Services

Simeon Wallis

Chief Investment Officer, Aprio Wealth Management

David Zafft, CPA, CFA

Partner, Transaction Advisory Services

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