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Minimize your international tax burden with Aprio Expatriate Taxation Services

For expatriates, understanding tax obligations and maintaining tax compliance can pose a substantial challenge. Not only could you have a responsibility to pay federal, state, and local income taxes in the United States, but you may also be subject to international tax exposure. That means you may need to understand and comply with multiple complex tax codes.

Aprio recognizes the difficulties that expats face, especially when it comes to income tax compliance and reporting. That’s why our team of knowledgeable tax advisors offers a full suite of income tax planning and compliance services focused on the needs of expats. Our depth of experience enables us to identify your tax reporting obligations and ensure that you remain in compliance, all while minimizing your tax burden.

While many of our clients are U.S. citizens who work abroad or have ownership in international entities, we also work with foreign nationals who work in the U.S. or who have ownership in U.S.-based properties and investments as well as U.S. green card holders who have ongoing U.S. income tax reporting obligations. Our advisors realize that each expat client’s situation is unique, which is why we strive to provide personalized services that take your reporting and compliance requirements into account.

At Aprio, our expatriate tax advisory team works with clients in more than 40 countries across the globe and has a comprehensive understanding of international tax codes. We speak over 25 languages fluently to ensure seamless communication with clients in the U.S. and around the world.

Learn how Aprio’s tax advisors can handle your expatriate taxation needs, whether you live and work in the U.S. or abroad. Find out how our experienced advisors can assist with income tax compliance and planning and start working with Aprio’s expat tax team today.

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How Aprio optimizes taxes for expats

At Aprio, we take a multifaceted approach to our expat tax advisory services. Naturally, expat tax requirements can vary significantly, depending on your citizenship and the jurisdictions where you work or invest. After the United States Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) led to increased tax exposure for both foreign nationals and U.S. citizens living abroad, expat taxes are more complex than ever. By addressing a variety of potential tax matters up front, our team can offer accurate advice and optimal results for your unique situation.

Once we’ve gathered information from you and assessed your tax obligations, our advisors provide a variety of relevant services. First, we assist with U.S. individual income tax compliance and prepare federal and state income tax returns. Our advisors consider a wide range of factors that may impact your tax burden, including foreign-earned income, foreign tax credits, and housing exclusions.

Next, we assess international tax treaties, many of which apply to U.S. citizens and green card holders who work abroad. Our team also advises expats on any required international tax reporting to keep your overall tax obligations to a minimum. We strive to minimize your exposure to double taxation.

At Aprio, our expat tax advisory services for foreign nationals are similarly comprehensive. We assist clients with determining U.S. residence matters and advise about optimal tax filing positions based on tax elections and income tax treaties. We also provide guidance for reporting foreign entities and assets on U.S. income tax returns.

For both foreign nationals and U.S. citizens living abroad, our advisors assist with international information requirements and reporting foreign assets and entities on U.S. tax returns. We’ll guide you through completing key U.S. federal tax documents such as Forms 3520, 5471, 8621, 8865, 8938, FinCEN Form 114, and others.

To ensure that all of your expat tax-related affairs are in order, our advisors coordinate all essential services within our Aprio network as well as teaming with our larger Morison KSi global affiliates. We may also communicate your tax positions with your current home or host country tax advisors to eliminate future oversight or compliance concerns. Our advisors can even coordinate with Aprio’s global expansion services to guide you through planning for upcoming international business ventures, including developing a tax reporting and exposure strategy.

Working with Aprio’s dedicated team of expat tax advisors gives you access to myriad benefits. With our guidance, you’ll optimize your filing position to minimize your income tax exposure. However, keeping your tax burden as minimal as possible won’t introduce compliance issues. Our experienced advisors understand international reporting requirements and use their expertise to decrease your risk of non-compliance.

If you haven’t met U.S. or international tax obligations in the past, our advisors can assist with delinquent reporting issues. We’ll guide you through programs established by various tax authorities to bring you into compliance and help you establish a reliable tax strategy for the future.

Access experienced expatriate tax advisory services

For expatriates, income tax obligations are likely to be anything but straightforward. Foreign nationals who live in or outside the U.S. and who plan to invest in U.S.-based businesses or properties may have U.S. income tax reporting requirements. Similarly, U.S. citizens planning to move outside the U.S. may encounter complexities as they minimize their overall income tax exposure. In addition, U.S. citizens or green card holders who intend to renounce citizenship or relinquish green cards should consider exposure to expatriation tax.

To ensure that you maintain compliance with international tax codes without exceeding your obligations, you need informed expatriate tax advice. At Aprio, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to assess your international tax exposure and guide you through all essential income tax reporting requirements. When you take advantage of our expat tax planning services, we’ll even help you look beyond the current tax year and devise a strategy that optimizes your tax obligations for the long term.

With over 200 individual tax clients and advisory experience in more than 40 countries around the globe, Aprio has the international tax consulting proficiency that expatriates need. Contact Cheryl Leydon to schedule an expatriate taxation consultation today.

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