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As a business associate, providing the right HIPAA compliance and risk management assurance to your customers and stakeholders is essential. The HITRUST CSF has become a widely adopted security and privacy framework across industries globally.

As a premier provider of information security and privacy services, Aprio has a proven track record serving an extensive list of Healthcare IT clients subject to HIPAA compliance as part of their Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with their customers.


Aprio’s IAS client renewal rate

6.5 years

Aprio Information Assurance team’s average client relationship


of Aprio’s IAS team members are IT experts that hold at least one IT certification


of Aprio’s IAS team are Certified CSF Practitioners with deep digital healthcare experience

Why clients partner with Aprio for HITRUST CSF Certification

Aprio makes HITRUST Certification easier to achieve by leveraging our deep expertise in ISO 27001, SOC 2, SOC 2+HITRUST, HIPAA attestations, PCI compliance, and other privacy and security assurance protocols. Here are a few reasons clients partner with Aprio:

  • We understand your options – For many organizations, a HITRUST CSF certification may be the goal, however, it may not be a practical solution at their current state of maturity. We help our clients understand their options, providing cost-effective alternatives such as SOC 2 and SOC 2+HITRUST that can help pave the way for future success in HITRUST implementations.
  • We are practitioners, not salesmen – At Aprio, who you talk to during your decision process will be the professional that manages and executes your engagement. This approach is how we deliver quality, customer satisfaction, and peace of mind so that the job will be is done right!
  • Quality reports that stand up to scrutiny – We aren’t a reporting and certification factory. Our reports and certifications represent our clients’ risk management programs and will stand up to the scrutiny of prospective clients, auditors, and regulators.
  • Simplified compliance reporting –Like any unified risk- and compliance-based framework, HITRUST enables the generation of multiple compliance reports from a single assessment. Achieving HITRUST Certification with Aprio represents an initial investment, and once achieved, greatly simplifies compliance and assurance reporting for future compliance needs.
  • Wide Acceptance – For an ever-increasing number of Covered Entities, HITRUST CSFCertification represents the most comprehensive method of demonstrating compliance to management, boards, customers, prospects, and regulators. As such, Business Associates are increasingly being requested to demonstrate HITRUST compliance.
  • Competitive advantage – HITRUST CSF Certification improves the operational integrity of your organization while advancing the risk management and security posture of your business. Gain a competitive edge with prospective customers, enabling business growth and increased revenue.


The HITRUST CSF is a certifiable framework that provides organizations with a flexible, comprehensive, and efficient approach to risk management and regulatory compliance, saving businesses time and money. By unifying all regulatory requirements and criteria from ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NIST, HIPAA/HITECH, GDPR and many more into one framework, the HITRUST CSF simplifies reporting by enabling multiple reports from a single assessment.

Developed by the HITRUST Alliance, a consortium of information security leaders, healthcare providers, payment processors, and other third-party healthcare service organizations, the CSF is regularly updated with the latest federal and state regulations. Therefore, if executed correctly HITRUST compliance can support all relevant healthcare standards and regulations.

Aprio’s HITRUST CSF Certification process

  1. Readiness Assessment – Aprio begins the HITRUST consulting process with a readiness assessment that identifies gaps and outlines what your organization will need to do to meet HITRUST CSF requirements and achieve readiness.
  2. Remediation Plan – Based upon the results of the Readiness Assessment, Aprio will work closely with you to develop a remediation plan and define timing of the Validated Assessment.
  3. Validated Assessment – Once you have addressed all identified compliance gaps, the next step to certification is to undergo a CSF Validated Assessment. Aprio’s certified practitioners use the HITRUST My CSFtool to assess your organization against HITRUST CSF requirements.
  4. Validation Audit – Acting as your Authorized External Assessor Organization, Aprio will perform the validation audit work and will submit our assessment to HITRUST for review.
  5. HITRUST Letter of Certification – HITRUST will perform quality assurance procedures, create a report and, depending on the scores in the report, will issue a Letter of Certification.

Is HITRUST right for your business?

Let Aprio help you meet your Digital Healthcare and HIPAA compliance obligations.

To learn if HITRUST is right for your business, contact Brett Williams.

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