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The Benefits of Internal Auditing Co-Sourcing

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Has your business grown, either organically or through acquisitions? If it has, you may be operating from a much larger footprint, both domestically and globally. That means the role of technology in your business model – and its associated risks – has also grown. As your company increasingly leverages third parties in some capacity to perform some important functions, your information risk also increases.

All of your stakeholders, customers, regulators and your board increasingly need to know that your company is effectively monitoring all these functions, in order to know that the required controls needed to protect the business are deployed and operationally effective. While the need to monitor controls throughout the enterprise grows, many companies find it’s impractical to acquire and manage the capabilities and expertise to oversee and monitor critical controls across the enterprise.

For this reason, many companies turn to Aprio for testing, reporting, subject matter expertise and global reach to conduct internal audit testing and other forms of risk management testing. We provide the objective independent assurance their internal and external stakeholders require. Aprio has the resources with the right technical and language skills to help your organization efficiently scale to meet the most challenging global internal audit requirements.

Co-sourcing is just one service our internal audit firm offers. Call our information assurance experts today to learn more.

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How Internal Audit Co-sourcing Can Benefit Your Organization

In-house audits can cause a drain on resources that can create capacity issues across the business. For organizations that don’t have the qualified resources to fully staff an in-house audit, internal auditing co-sourcing is a viable solution. From pre-acquisition and post-acquisition due diligence, to ongoing third-party risk management programs, Aprio can help your internal team tailor testing and monitoring programs to meet the unique needs of your business.

Aprio’s information assurance team has expertise you need to succeed. Our team has deep specialized experience in privacy, SEC requirements and industry regulations such as HIPAA and FCRA. Partnering with Aprio on your next internal audit can help you:

  • Expedite the audit process with experienced auditors that can help your team establish audit best practices to make future internal audits more efficient.
  • Add specialized compliance and assurance testing and reporting expertise to augment the experience of your existing internal team.
  • Reduce the stress of internal auditors and staff, especially with audits that fall around holidays and other busy times of the year.
  • Provide a cost-effective means to secure the independent, unbiased opinion of an external third-party auditor within the confines of an internal audit.

How Aprio Approaches Internal Auditing Co-Sourcing

Let Aprio operate as your internal audit firm to provide the specialized skill sets, resources and industry knowledge you need for your next internal audit. Our expertise includes PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC reporting, EI3PA,  LADMF, GDPR and Agreed-upon procedures.

Aprio’s information assurance experts are available “on demand,” meaning we’re ready to help our clients as needed. Our experts can also advise organizations on implementing effective processes and controls, audit best practices and other aspects that may be included in a specialized audit.

Call Aprio Today for Internal Auditing Co-Sourcing Services

Whether you need an auditor in your organization to help alleviate stress during a busy period, or you need an expert to provide continued support throughout the year, Aprio can help.

Contact Dan Schroeder today to learn more about our internal auditing co-sourcing services and the other information assurance services we offer.

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