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Discover a better eDiscovery experience

If you are facing a litigation, government or internal investigation, or if you have general business data management and security challenges, Aprio can help. For over 20 years, our team has led the legal discovery industry, empowering clients with the right balance of service and technology.

Better technology, guidance and processes for due process

Aprio’s eDiscovery experts are committed to helping clients’ legal and compliance teams solve challenges that arise at all stages of the data life cycle – from information governance, security and records management, to eDiscovery, litigation management and document review.

Aprio services align with the court’s demands, but more importantly, provide you greater influence and authority over your data to drive competitive advantage. Aprio services include:

  • eDiscovery consulting
  • Data collections
  • Forensic data collection consulting
  • Data processing
  • Secure data hosting

Lower the cost and complexity of eDiscovery

Avoid the spiraling cost and increased complexity of eDiscovery with Aprio. Leveraging leading eDiscovery solutions and our proprietary patented tools, Aprio creates custom solutions that ease the burdens of discovery and provide legal teams a distinct competitive advantage.

Faster processing
Developed around our patented, core technology, Aprio’s ESI processing capabilities and purpose-built tools help any service bureau, law firm or corporation or do more, faster.

Easier review
Aprio’s document review solutions are crafted with a relentless focus on streamlined, efficient user experience so everything you need is presented the way you need to use it.

Better management
Simplify the way your projects are managed. Aprio lets managers handle every element of a project – processing, review and production – from within a single, intuitive dashboard.

Total transcript control
Improve expert and co-counsel collaboration with Aprio. Review teams enjoy fast, reliable streaming of synchronized video depositions over the web – available anywhere, any time.

Technology that drives success

Aprio works with all leading eDiscovery solutions. We help clients understand their data landscape, and how to deploy the right technology solutions to achieve enhanced power and control over their data and information management.
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Discover a better eDiscovery experience

At Aprio we specialize in guiding clients through their eDiscovery and Data Management problems with ease and efficiency. We understand data and create customized workflows that specifically address your unique needs.  To learn more about how Aprio can provide your team with a better eDiscovery experience, contact Chris Grippa.

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Our strategic advice and resources help organizations manage discovery challenges. Reduce litigation costs and give your legal team a competitive advantage in each matter. Aprio provides services that address every phase of eDiscovery — collection through production — and experienced project managers to oversee all of these activities.