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Financial planning and investment management that delivers clarity, coordination and confidence.

Where we end up in life is dictated by the decisions we make along the way. This is especially true when it comes to managing your wealth. That’s why we all need advisors. However, acting on good advice shouldn’t create more work for you. After all, you are the client.

Aprio has created an easier way to manage wealth. We integrate investment management, financial planning and tax services to help you achieve your goals. At Aprio, our advisory teams collaborate to provide you:


of advisory activities in a timely and efficient fashion


to understand how each aspect of your financial picture effects the others


that you have the information you need to take action

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Coordinated investment management, tax and financial planning

Effective wealth management requires coordinated ongoing collaboration between your investment advisor, tax advisor and financial planner.
Why? Because investment activity can impact your taxes. The taxes you owe impact your financial planning. And your investment strategy, assets and liabilities influence financial planning decisions.

Aprio’s coordinated approach delivers better advice that considers all aspects of your financial life. Plus, the convenience gives you more time to do the things you truly enjoy.

Aprio advisors share information and coordinate activities to provide a better client experience.

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Clarity – A visual understanding of your financial picture

Laptop showing dashboard

We leverage a secure personal financial portal to provide a single view of all of your financial accounts, assets and liabilities, as well as access to all of your important financial documents.

Visual dashboards enable real-time collaboration between you and your Aprio advisors, providing a visual understanding of your current financial position.

Confidence – Turning “what if” into “what’s next”

Aprio Wealth Management Consult

Life comes with a lot of “what if” questions. “What if I sell my business next year? What if I want to retire early? What if we buy a bigger house?… What if we send our kids to private school?”

We are able to explore scenarios and “what if” questions with ease, so you can:

  • See how potential life decisions can impact your financial plan over time.
  • Get faster answers because we have the necessary information to respond to your questions.
  • Make important financial decisions with confidence

Stay on track throughout the year

Life never moves in a straight line and things change, so we stay connected with our clients throughout the year. Here is an example of what you can expect:

  • Spring tax planning and preparation meeting – We update your balance sheet with any changes that might have occurred since our last meeting. We discuss cashflow projections and goals for the year ahead.

  • Fall planning meeting – We discuss any adjustments needed to take advantage of year-end tax opportunities, like charitable giving. We also look at longer term strategy.

  • Quarterly reports –Throughout the year we provide quarterly investment reports that make it easy to see how your portfolio is performing. And of course, we are always available to answer questions.

Goal-oriented investment approach

We focus on outcomes.  Our coordinated approach enables us to understand how to better align your risk profile and strategy to meet your goals. Aprio Wealth Management, LLC is a fee only Registered Investment Advisory. We serve our clients as fiduciaries.

  • Long-term investment strategies using global asset allocation with low-cost ETFs and mutual funds
  • Investments are held in custody at Charles Schwab.
  • We are transparent and independent
  • No proprietary products or hidden fees

Let’s define the future together

Since the founding of our affiliated CPA firm, Aprio, LLP, in 1952, the Aprio companies have focused on helping our clients make more money and keep more of the money they make. Aprio Wealth Management continues this tradition. We are committed to investing in the best talent and technology to provide you the very best service experience.

Our relationship with you and the faith that you place in Aprio, inspire us and motivate our actions every day.

To learn more about how Aprio Wealth Management can help you reach your financial goals contact, Davi Kutner, Managing Director or Keith Greenwald, Partner-In-Charge.

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