How State and Local Governments Can Order From GSA Schedules

April 19, 2016

One common misconception about the GSA Schedules is that only federal agencies are allowed to purchase from them. This mistake is quickly corrected with a glance at GSA Directive ADM 4800.2H, Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Services, which provides a six-page listing of eligible users and includes everyone from the Department of Defense to Howard University. While federal agencies are by far the largest users of the schedules, the fastest growing segment of schedule sales comes from state and local governments (STLOCs). If you are interested in learning what your state or local agency can buy from GSA and when, here’s a list of programs giving STLOC entities authority to purchase from GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules:

  1. Cooperative Purchasing – this program allows STLOCs to purchase from the schedules at any time for any purpose. Currently, Cooperative Purchasing is only available on the IT Schedule (70) and the Law Enforcement Schedule (84) because it takes a literal act of Congress to add the program to a schedule! Agencies may use GSA’s online procurement tools, eBuy and GSA Advantage!, to make purchases under the program.
  2. Disaster Recovery – unlike Cooperative Purchasing, the Disaster Recovery Program is available on all GSA Schedules. This program authorizes STLOCs to purchase from the schedules in preparation for, or in response to, disasters and terrorist attacks. Agencies may use GSA’s online procurement tools, eBuy and GSA Advantage!, to make purchases under the program.
  3.  1122 Program – this program allows STLOCs to “purchase equipment in support of counter-drug, homeland security and emergency response activities.” There are a limited number of schedules and products that are covered under this program. You can find more detailed information in the program’s catalog.
  4. Public Health Emergencies Program – this program allows STLOCs to purchase supplies and services from the Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) when using federal grant funds to respond to a public health emergency. Keep in mind that the FSS includes the schedules managed by the VA for medical supplies and services.

STLOC agencies who use any of the above programs will still follow their normal acquisition regulations when purchasing from the GSA Schedules. You may include additional terms and conditions in your order so long as they do not conflict with the terms and conditions of the schedule contract. To learn more about the thousands of GSA schedule holders and the products and services they offer, GSA eLibrary is a great place to start.

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