Making the 13-Week Cash Flow Model Work for Your Business

cash flow graph modeled on a hologram

At a glance Don’t go at it alone. Schedule a consultation today with an Aprio cash flow professional and obtain the guidance you need to thrive. The full story: Are inflation pressures driving up your costs? Are recessionary headwinds dampening product demand? If so, have you considered how a 13-week cash flow model may help…

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7 Restaurant Internal Controls to Beef up Your Business

It takes passion to run a restaurant. Passion for food. Passion for the customer experience. Passion for financial management … wait, what? Few chefs and restaurant owners would cite financial management among the reasons they went into business. But restaurant internal controls are crucial to operating a self-reliant business, as well as minimizing financial mistakes…

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Balance Sheet Optimization: It’s a Virtuous Circle

In the day-to-day rush of managing business operations and maintaining minimum liquidity, many companies neglect to take a step back and review whether they are borrowing more than necessary — or paying more than they need to for their credit facilities. By seeking out opportunities to optimize borrowing, you can achieve balance sheet optimization, which…

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